Are you one of the lucky few to own a spare room? Most people would probably turn it into a guest room. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. But if you want a more luxurious feeling, why not turn it into that walk-in closet you’ve always dreamt of?

spare room

To make your space look like a closet, use open shelving and racks. Combine this with a free-standing storage module where you can keep smaller items like belts, scarves and jewelry.

Add nice details like an ottoman, a large mirror and a desk where you can do the final touching up to your look. Use hooks to showcase your most beautiful items, like hats, necklaces or bags. If you are not the tidiest person, one option might be to keep part of the closet behind sliding doors and another part open. This way you can choose what you want to showcase and hide away everything else.

If you still need a guest room, you can always create a combined guest room and walk in closet. Use one wall as a closet and decorate the rest as a guest room. Make sure to cover your guest bed with a blanket and some nice pillows to make the space inviting even when there’s no guest in the house.