Compact living is all about making the most of each space in your apartment or house. Creating smarter storage solutions can help you get organized, even if your space is small.

Doors are usually overlooked when it comes to storage. If your apartment is small they might provide that little extra storage space that you need.

  1. If your TV is wall-hanged, use the space around it for shelving. Perfect for things like films, tv-games, books and those decorative little things.
  2. Don’t forget about that ceiling space! Shelves don’t have to cover an entire wall. You can use the upper part of the wall to store things.
  3. A space that is usually overlooked is the corner of a room. Why not place a shelf there, making it the center of attention instead of just an ordinary corner?
  4. Above-the-door shelfs can contain so much more than you might think. Keeping shelves above doors can also make your ceiling appear higher than it actually is.
  5. Using the space under your bed for storage is a no-brainer. But it still deserves to be on the list. Sometimes the most obvious spaces are the ones we forget to use.
  6. Use the walls in your bathroom if possible. It might be small, but it can still be useful to store towels, toilet paper and other toiletries.
  7. Use the doors for storage. In the kitchen, doors can serve as a spice rack, pantry or for those random little things that doesn’t really go anywhere else. In the hallway you can store things like mail, compact umbrellas and sunglasses, for example.
  8. Use a room divider if needed. A curtain could work, a book shelf or why not use a sliding door from Elfa?
  9. Make your coffee table double as storage. Why not use a big chest as coffee table? Or get a coffee table that has shelves or drawers built in?
  10. If you need a workspace, use a fold-in table. This way you can choose when you want a workspace and when you need floor space for other activities.