• Elfa kitchen storage solution in white.

Open up your kitchen with smart storage from Elfa!

Lacking storage space in your kitchen, or just feeling the inexplicable urge to let your cooking utensils out into the light? Since Elfa come in all shapes and sizes, you can create the perfect kitchen storage for your specific needs. And best of all, you can adjust your storage solution whenever you need to, adding, […]

  • Wall hang with white Utility.

Come out on top…

…when the family’s interests and everyday musts take over the whole house. Finding space for all the recreational gear your family uses, and not to mention your recycling, may be a tougher match than you thought. Make optimal use of walls to keep things neat and tidy and create a storage space for all your […]

Organizing your bedroom closet

Most people do not sleep well in cluttered and messy bedrooms. And bedrooms, in particular, often present a challenge when it comes to storage. We at Elfa want to help you! Feel free to use our best tips and tricks to create your dream bedroom closet.

  • Sliding door Vista Plain with matte silver profile and with Meadow linen, Autumn chestnut, Stoneware grey and Limed oak fillings. Wall hang with platinum Classic and platinum Utility and Utility Door and Wall rack.

Smart storage for the children’s room

An essential element to keeping your children’s room organized is to have super flexible storage solutions. With the help of some movable utilities like shelves, drawers, hangers, it’s easy to let the storage adapt instead of getting outgrown. And as for any room, the rule of four is important: Sort, Save, Throw away and/or Give […]

Order at the home office

Sometimes it might seem difficult to find space for a home office. With our help you’ll soon discover you have more space than you think! One way is to make use of the walls and the back of doors. It’ll feel good when important papers, hole punches and post-it pads all have their own place.

Structure your laundry room

The most frustrating part of doing laundry is often the lack of space for sorting and folding, and that there is nowhere to store the detergent, the fabric softener, the clothespins, all those odd socks and other things that seem to hide out in the laundry room. We want to help you make room for all […]

  • A hallway with smart Elfa storage solutions on wall hang, with Classic shelves and hooks.

Storage solutions for your hallway

First impressions are lasting impressions, and which is the first room you enter in a home? With Elfa storage, you can keep the hallway tidy and uncluttered, with smart, functional storage systems that meet the needs of the family and your guests. If you still want to cover it all up, just add the perfect […]

There is always more space!

Take a closer look at some of our new utilities which makes it easier than ever to fit everything where there simply is no more room!