• Elfa Simply whites

Simply whites

White in all its glories. Modest tones inspired by nature.
A calm palette with a feeling of harmony and no frills.

  • Nordic sense

Nordic sense

Colours of nature. This collection is all about the woods, bringing a sense of scandinavian forest inside.

  • shaping history

Shaping history

Taking inspiration from classic Elfa solutions Hanna Werning uses linear patterns to illustrate Elfa history in captivating style.

Let your mood set the trend

When it comes to interior trends they change rapidly and often. Maybe that’s why most people end up buying white sliding  doors – to be safe. We dare you to show your true colors!

In our color collections for sliding doors we have carefully selected some of the trends of the coming years and combined them […]

  • Elfa Color Collection Fall in love

Fall in love

Home & Away. When you like the mix of different materials and warm colors combined with exotic influences, this is the palette for you.

  • Elfa Color Collection Fade to clay

Fade to clay

Daring or natural. This edgy collection with inspiration from the Nordic scenery blends in or stands out – depending on your mood.

  • Elfa Color Collection Orchard Stories

Orchard stories

Fresh and calm. When a day in your garden is what you are longing for, this collection will give you that fresh and calm feeling.

  • Elfa Color Collection "Play".


Fun and free. When you want to let creativity run free and like to play with contrasts, use this collection for inspiration.

  • Elfa Color Collection "Lakeland".


Crisp and light. The crisp air of the Nordic winter sets the mood in this collection. If you love light wood and natural blues and whites, this is the collection for you.

  • Elfa Color Collection Urban moods

Urban Moods

Trendy but conservative. With off-white, it has a fresh look. With black it becomes serious and calm. The choice is all yours with this classic mix.