Sloping celings are common in many houses and can pose a challenge when it comes to furnishing. Elfa’s flexible storage solutions are suitable for any room, and can be adjusted to suit many different spaces, even sloping celings.

The family about their choice

“We are very happy that we took the time to plan the storage solutions before actually moving into our new house. With sloping celings in every room we had to figure out how to create practical storage. By experience we know that temporary solutions often become permanent, and going down that road is never a good idea. Big standard closets were never on our wish list. We wanted easily overviewed storage solutions where our daughters could find what they were looking for and easy for them to put their stuff back.

It was also important that the storage was flexible and of good quality. Elfa ticked all those boxes! We really like the nice looking finish of the shelves and the small drawers for jewelry where the girls can display all their treasures. In the kid’s room the shelves and clothes racks are adjusted to their height, and are adjustable to suit them when they grow.”

What challenges did you face in the particular rooms?

“We think that the kid’s room was the most difficult. Before there was a mishmash of clothes and toys and a lot was hidden away and forgotten. There is also a sloping roof and a pipe that goes through the entire room which made it even more challenging.

In our bedroom we had several challenges: sloping celing, short walls and an odd placement of the door into the room. Therefore we chose an open storage solution and we’re very happy about our decision. It turned out great!”

How did you solve the storage in previous homes?

“We had drawers, traditional closets and wire baskets where needed. And also a lot of small boxes on top of that. In a small house this is nothing I would recommend, since it feels a little boxy.”

How did Elfa live up to your expectations?

It really feels like we’ve invested in long term solutions! Everything can be easily reorganized and adjusted or even moved as our need for housing changes over time. It’s a great perk that we can adjust the storage to suit our girls as they grow taller so they can reach their stuff without having to ask us. We’re happy that we chose an open storage solution. It makes it more fun to keep things tidy, and I’ve stopped hiding the mess behind doors.

Do you think your everyday life is easier now that you have better storage?

We spend less time searching for things. And the kids are more involved in keeping the house tidy, since they know where things belong and can help put their things into place.

 Did you add anything to the solutions after putting it into place?

Yes, you kind of get hooked on the solution. We’ve added storage boards with boxes and hooks in every bedroom for tiny things like jewelry and toys. In our bedroom we’ve added baskets for scarves, belts and so on. In the laundry room we’ve added an Elfa door and wall rack on the door where we keep laundry detergent, and other cleaning agents.