The most frustrating part of doing laundry is often the lack of space for sorting and folding, and that there is nowhere to store the detergent, the fabric softener, the clothespins, all those odd socks and other things that seem to hide out in the laundry room. We want to help you make room for all of it! Browse our great ideas on how to reclaim order in your laundry room. Organize whatever big or small space you’ve got with drying shelves, mesh storage bags and/or a smart drawer system, and laundry day will become less tedious!

 A comfortable laundry room

A well-planned laundry room should have airy shelving, laundry baskets and drawers for order and easy access. Make sure you have a worktop for sorting and folding the laundry, keep dirty laundry in a hamper or bag, separate from the clean one, and create a smart solution for hang drying.

The perfect laundry basket

Our mesh storage bags are perfect for your laundry. They click in and out of the top track with a single snap. If a red sock ends up among your white sheets, it’s easily removed since the laundry basket has velcro along the side for quick access.

Closet rod to the rescue

If you don’t have a clothesline in the laundry room to hang your laundry, use our closet rod as a practical solution, it holds a lot of clothes. Hang your shirts and blouses to dry directly on their hangers and half the work is done. When dry, they are also much easier to iron, not particularly creased to begin with!

Save space with a drying rack

Where there’s little room for your laundry, the Elfa folding drying shelf provides the extra space you need. When used it holds quite a few items for drying. When in rest, the drying rack takes up almost no space at all. You easily mount it in the hang standards.

Hooked on hooks

Mount a utility track or a storing board or rack on the standards. Then snap on whatever hooks you need to hang your sweeping brushes, towels and other things. Hooks provide a good overview and quick access to things you use frequently.
However, leave the mop bucket on the floor and place it below the floor mop, as a drip safe. The hooks are just as useful for other spaces, such as garage, storeroom or garden shed.

Let your laundry breathe

The mesh or wire coating of our bags and drawers allows your laundry, whether it’s dirty or clean, to be ventilated. This means less risk of bad smell, even if it’s left lying damp for a while.

Smart drawers

Which drawer can be used both as a laundry basket and for storage of clean laundry in your closet? Let every member of the family fetch their own drawer of clean laundry and put it away. Or why not use drawers in the closet to begin with? Then you can simply label one of the drawers “dirty laundry”. The drawer of dirty laundry is collected by whomever has that week’s laundry duty and taken directly to the washer!

Give your dirty laundry some wheels

Put wheels on the drawer system and then fill it with drawers. Clean laundry can then go directly from the washer or dryer into the drawers, and you simply wheel it away to your next station, drying, folding or hanging.
If you put labels on the drawers, the laundry will always find its way back into the right shelf or closet. You can make a small worktop for sorting and folding by placing a top shelf on the drawer system.

Wall hung storage for easy cleaning

All shelf baskets and gliding drawers can be mounted on the Elfa wall hang and provide functional storage in your laundry room. And with open and airy wall hung storage with wire shelving, cleaning gets uncomplicated. No dusty corners and easily accessed floor space beneath the shelves.