Sometimes it might seem difficult to find space for a home office. With our help you’ll soon discover you have more space than you think! One way is to make use of the walls and the back of doors. It’ll feel good when important papers, hole punches and post-it pads all have their own place.

Home office for two

In this home office, not a single screw have been used. The storage is freestanding, and stands on the floor and all drawers and shelves snap and hang in place. It’s very easy to assemble and also easy to move. One smart thing is to use a shelf back stop as magnet track. Then you can attach magnetic pots for paperclips and other small items that are easily misplaced.

Small bookshelf or your own library?

Build your own bookshelf at home; it’s much easier that you think. All you need are wall bands, brackets and shelves (if you use top tracks and hang standards, instead of wall bands, the installation is even easier). You can make use of all of your space and move the shelves to fit the size of the books. Book supports keep all those books from falling over. They’re available in several varieties; either to snap to the standard or clamp to the shelf.

Order, sort and structure

Set up a storage board and add hooks and small shelves and boxes to create intelligent, shallow storage. Label holders are easy to attach and makes organizing even easier.

There is always room for a good book

Sometimes, you need shallow storage. The things to be stored are maybe not that big or you have limited space. Shallow shelves (12 cm deep) are perfect for paperbacks and small objects. And a smart shelf has two good sides. Our metal shelves can be turned both ways, so you can choose whether you want a raised edge to keep things in place.