First impressions are lasting impressions, and which is the first room you enter in a home? With Elfa storage, you can keep the hallway tidy and uncluttered, with smart, functional storage systems that meet the needs of the family and your guests. If you still want to cover it all up, just add the perfect sliding doors that fits your mood. Get some of our top tips and tricks below!

“Where are the keys?!”

Give your everyday accessories, such as keys, mobile phone, glasses and wallet, their very own place in your hallway. This will dramatically reduce the time spent frantically looking for them. Hang your things on hooks, or put them on a tray; they’re both easily fastened on to the edge of the Elfa brackets.

Fit all those shoes

Statistics say we each own 19 pairs of shoes. That requires a lot of shoe storage. Our wire shelves will store your shoes for you, high heels, boots, sneakers and all. The sand and grit from the shoes will fall between the wires and onto the floor, within easy reach for vacuuming. Put a wider shelf at the very bottom and place your boots on it as the shafts of your boots will fit perfectly in front of the shelf above.
The baby’s first shoes will fit in a shallow, reversible shelf.

Hooks for the kids

Many people would say that getting children to hang their outdoor clothes on a hanger is impossible. However, try putting some hooks at the same height as the child itself, and it’s probably more likely that the jacket will end up on there and not on the floor.

Divide to unite

Divide a shelf basket so that every member of the family has his or her own compartment to put hats and gloves in etc. Mark the compartments with names and there is a greater chance that things will stay in their own place. Shelf baskets and dividers  are available in two different sizes.

Smart storage – more space

There isn’t always enough space in the hallway for all storage needs. What about using the back of a close-by door?
With our Door and Wall rack you simply hang the storage on the door, without any drilling. Then you choose your preferred sized baskets and shelves and attach them to the wall band. Hats, gloves and other trinkets now have their own place. And if you don’t have a door in your hallway, you can simply screw the wall band directly on to the wall.