An essential element to keeping your children’s room organized is to have super flexible storage solutions. With the help of some movable utilities like shelves, drawers, hangers, it’s easy to let the storage adapt instead of getting outgrown. And as for any room, the rule of four is important: Sort, Save, Throw away and/or Give away. Take a look at some of our ideas below and get inspired!

Create the perfect painting table

Children love to paint! Assemble a smart desk solution, perfect for painting, using two low drawer frames with a shelf on top as a desk. Put a magazine rack on the side of the stands to hold the drawing paper, and place a strap across the desk to hold the paper in place. The pens, brushes and colors go in the mesh drawers that you easily slide into the frames.

Smart toy storage

Mesh drawers are dense enough to prevent small things from falling through, yet transparent enough to let you see what’s stored inside. They’re excellent storage for small toy pieces, like Lego or Barbie shoes, and with their practical handles they are easily moved. The drawers and stands are available in various sizes. And don’t forget to add some smart labels to simplify your organizing!

A flexible closet for the youngest

Small children have small clothes. And small clothes don’t take up much space. Therefore, it makes sense to have flexible storage so that shelves, drawers and closet rods can be adjusted in size and height as the child grows. The storage space can then adapt to change, instead of being exchanged or thrown out.

Storage for everything else

“Everything in its place” is the basic concept for keeping things neat and tidy. With some drawers in various sizes, all the toy cars, building blocks and doll’s clothes can each have their own place. And if the drawers are labeled with a picture of what is stored inside, even young children can help to keep things tidy. Remember to have the storage at the children’s height, so they can reach themselves.

Make room for hobbies

Does your child’s room have an unused spot that’s roughly 60 cm wide and 15 cm deep? Make a hobby corner!
Screw a storage board onto the wall or hang it on your existing Elfa wall hang, and then hook some transparent boxes on there. Fill them with beads, strings, glitter or other trinkets. It’s easy to view the content since the boxes are see-through. Also, they’re not sensitive to scratches.
If you choose the freestanding boxes, you can just put them in our metal shelves, specially designed to match different combinations of boxes. These boxes are easy to move and carry to where ever they are needed.  Have fun!

Sport accessories finally in place

Everything can be organized. For example, hockey sticks or floorball sticks are easily snapped into our small tool holders, and basketballs, footballs etc. can be stored in our storage bags. The bags have velcro on the side, so all contents can be collected at the bottom, perfect for your youngest. Screw a utility track to the wall and snap on the holder and bag – it’s a piece of cake.
(P.S. If you already have an Elfa system, you can fasten the utility track in hanging standard D.S)

Find storage behind every door

The back of the door is frequently an unused space. It doesn’t have to be with our smart Door and Wall rack.
Hang it on any door and choose among baskets and media racks in various sizes, and create storage where there simply was none to begin with. A good idea is to store the things most important to your young child at a lower section, and things more suited for older children, like paint etc, at a higher level.

Flexible desk

With an adjustable top, a desk is never outgrown.
The same low hanging shelf, perfect for a 4-year-old playing with Lego, can also be the perfect fit for the gangly 14-year-old’s evenings of homework or video games. Just raise the brackets and you’ve got yourself a grownup’s desk!

Safety first

With young children around, you need to think about safety. Our wall hang system creates an extremely stable structure. However, for special situations, hang standard wall clips can be used to secure the hang standard against the wall.