Most people do not sleep well in cluttered and messy bedrooms. And bedrooms, in particular, often present a challenge when it comes to storage. We at Elfa want to help you! Feel free to use our best tips and tricks to create your dream bedroom closet.

Store your clothes in the order of use

When you are reorganizing your closet, try to hang and place your clothes as you wear them on your body. Your storage will feel more intuitive and natural. Hats and bags on the top shelves, shoes at the bottom in shoe racks. And in between, you put your blouses, shirts, tops, skirts and trousers on closet rods or in drawers.

Shallow shelves is key

Deep shelves tend to get untidy fast and clothes mysteriously disappear in the vast darkness of your closet.
With shallower shelves, placed above and beside each other, you have easy access to your clothes and more of an overview on whats there. For tops, you only need shelves that are 30 cm deep. However, for larger an more bulky clothing, we offer deeper shelves as well; both 40 cm and 50 cm deep.

Let your pants shine

Save space with our practical gliding pant racks, which are just as useful for hanging skirts as they are for trousers. The pant racks have plastic clips to prevent the clothes from sliding off. At least 6 pairs of trousers and/or skirts can be stored, and the racks are available in 45 cm and 60 cm width. Assembly in  two click-in 40 brackets is quick and easy.

Shelf hooks – a closet must

This little hook is of great value, comes in a pack of three, and is easily placed wherever you need it, e. g. under a wire shelf or wire shelf basket. The hook doesn’t take up a lot space and it’s perfect for keys, necklaces, belts, scarves and other trinkets. No more searching for accessories or sorting necklaces that have been all tangled up in a drawer. Enjoy the time you save!

Closet cleaning made easy

By choosing wall-mounted storage, with the Elfa hang standard, you’ll free up floor space. And the more floor you see, the easier it is to access with a vacuum cleaner. Our wire shelves make dusting and cleaning your closet easy by allowing the dust to fall through and land on the floor for easy vacuming. Ta da!