Do you have more shoes than contacts on your cell phone? That’s a clear sign that you need to go through your closet to see which ones you actually use. Organize those you decide to keep in a way that inspires you to use them all.

To sort out your shoes, start with going through them and ask yourself the question “When did I use these lately?” Keep those you actually do use and sell or donate the rest to charity.

When you have your collection ready it’s time to find a storage solution that showcases them in the best possible way.

Make enough space in your closet

So, you’re a shoe-lover. Then don’t try to squeeze in all your fifty pairs of shoes in an ordinary closet. Let your closet suit your taste for shoes!  Count your shoes and adjust your shelving accordingly. If needed, complement your wardrobe with a wall of shoe storage where you showcase your most beautiful pairs.

Make the shoes part of your home décor

Why hide your shoes away when they should be showcased like the pieces of art they truly are? Show your beauties off to the rest of the world by devoting an entire wall to shoe storage.

Customize your shelves

Choose flat shelves for flats and leaning shelves for heels. Leaning shelves makes room for more shoes, and showcases heels nicely. But flat shelves are better for those walking shoes and sneakers.