Just as interior design stores do, our homes sport modern and stylish kitchen appliances: standing at attention in an orderly fashion on our kitchen counters together with unique spice blends and other food items in designer packaging. Like front row eye candy. Well, we do love to show off our kitchens. And yes, functionality and appearance do go hand in hand.

A charming two-bedroom flat in the heart of Malmö. This is where Charlotte and her daughter Molly live. Their 1920s flat offers beautiful period features such as panelled doors and stuccowork that has been carefully preserved. Large windows let in a generous amount of light and – together with high ceilings – create a wonderful sense of space, making the 75 square metres feel airy and bright.
The kitchen is long and narrow, with not much countertop or storage space. This means that any available space is constantly cluttered with everything but the kitchen sink.

Kitchen challenge

“Well, take last Saturday. We were planning a ‘girls’ night in’ at my place, and we were all going to help cook ourselves a delicious dinner. Imagine four women chopping onions and vegetables, peeling potatoes, and cutting and slicing meat in my tiny little kitchen. We were literally standing on top of each other”, says Charlotte with a despondent laugh. When I saw her kitchen I realised what she meant.
Charlotte had faith in me and gave me a free rein to reorganise her kitchen. The challenge was to gain as much counter space as possible without sacrificing any storage. At the same time, I wanted everything to fit in with the existing kitchen. As I love natural light myself it was important not to block the light coming in from the balcony – so a wall cabinet was not an option.
In order to make use of the empty wall I chose Elfa’s wall hang system for shelves and storing boards.
I really love clever solutions that we can all manage ourselves without having to hire someone else to do the job. The only “work” required for installing the wall hang system is to attach a top track using screws. The top track is needed to support the hang standards. Here your best friend is a spirit level. After that the fun begins: organising and setting up the storage solutions. I took into account which kitchen accessories and utilities would go where, and on which shelves, when selecting width and depth. For a more personal touch I mixed materials and designs to create a varied yet stylish look.

Functional and easy-to-work-in kitchen

Most of us dream of a kitchen that is both functional and easy to work in. In Charlotte and Molly’s kitchen I mainly focused on work spaces and storage solutions. When organising the kitchen utensils for the shelving system I chose to place much used items within easy reach. The top part of the shelving system is perfect for the items they do not use that often. Molly, who loves baking cupcakes, got her own space for all her colourful sprinkles. The storing board has magnets for attaching pictures and other decorative items – a little eye candy when cooking never hurts!
Both Charlotte and I enjoyed watching Molly’s reaction when they came home and saw the transformation that had taken place. Their delight was unmistakable. “I am so in love with my new kitchen” Charlotte exclaimed, giving me a hug.

Brighten your mornings

A tiny bit of storage makes a huge difference. Many people feel that breakfast is the most important time of day. By keeping everything you need easy to reach you save time. This solution is no bigger than a painting on the wall, with a depth of just 150 mm. Just what you need to
get your day off to a great start.

The door is now a communications centre

As I wanted to create a separate space for letters and other bits and pieces I chose a storage solution that is easily attached onto a door, using over door hooks at top and bottom. Once the hooks and the wallband were in place it was easy to hang up the storing board, hooks and boxes I had selected. The larger baskets are great for letters and magazines. The white storing board doubles as a decorative notice board and as a place to keep odds and ends, in boxes and on hooks.