Do you own a lot of clothes, yet feel like you have nothing to wear? That’s a sign that you need to organize your closet, declutter and only keep the clothes you actually wear.

Closet in bedroom
  1. Take everything out. Yes, EVERYTHING.
  2. Start three piles, one for “throw away” one for “sell/donate” and one for “keep”. Then start to go through all your clothes, putting them in the right pile.
  3. When deciding which pile the clothes belong to, ask yourself these questions “Have I used this in the latest 6 months?” “Would I have bought this today?” and “Does it look good on me?”
  4. Let items go; don’t hold onto something just to hold on to it. Stay in the present moment and ask yourself which clothes you actually wear.
  5. When you have your “keep”-pile ready it’s time to place everything neatly in the closet. Arrange your clothes by color, style or divide them into workwear and leisure wear.
  6. Get hangers that all look the same. This will make a big difference in the feel of the closet, making everything look more cohesive.
  7. Fold the knits and big sweaters. They will lose their shape if put on a hanger.
  8. If you don’t have room for everything in your existing closet, you can always add some extra storage, perhaps some shelves on the wall showcasing shoes? Or some hangers displaying your bags?
  9. Use the lower shelves and/or the floor to display shoes.
  10. Make sure you can see everything in your closet. If you can see it, you’re more likely to wear it.