Imagine if your hallway could fit all those outdoor clothes and shoes, as well as all your accessories. The Bracket Hooks keeps your don’t-want-to-loose keys in place, the Solid Melamine Shelf is excellent unloading place for your mail. The Shelf Basket is pefekt for hats and scarves, as you see right through it and can pick your favourite of the day. The Shelf Hook For Wire Shelves can be used in all kinds of ways, and can be mounted in any height so that everone can hang their jacket.

So are the days of our wardrobe

In and out. Hang up, take down. We pass through our hallway everyday, several times a day. Jackets, shoes, accessories, everything must fit, and at the same time look good and tidy. With a shallow Valet Rod and some Shelf Hooks for Wire Shelves, you can access your outdoor jackets and blazers easily and quickly when you’re on the run.

Don’t blame the kids for the messy hallway

Do you recognize the never ending nagging of who left what shoes out, and that jacket is on the floor and did you loose your keys again?! Place some Bracket Hooks, and Wire Shelf Baskets and some Shelf Hooks for said wire shelves in the lower sections of your Elfa wardrobe system in your hallway. Give he kids their very own space to maintain, and they will probably enjoy it too!

Label your hallway

Everyone should have their own space, in the house, as well as the hallway. Use Label Holders for naming your own Wire Shelf Basket or Gliding Mesh Drawer. You’ll find it’ll be a lot easier for everyone to keep track of their own stuff!

See all!

No more reaching in the back of dark dusty shelves to find your gloves when it’s cold. With our Gliding Mesh Drawers and Gliding Wire Drawer that comes in various depths and heights for your specific needs, you’re good to go in an instant!

No more muddy shoe shelves

With some great Gliding Shoe Racks and Shelves your shoes get the space they deserve, even your high-heeled ones, and all gravel and dust will fall downward onto the floor, where you easily sweep it up when you’re vaccuming.