Fresh and soothing. If you long to spend your days in a lush garden, then our latest colour collection will create a sense of peace and harmony.

How would you describe spring trends?
In 2016 we would like to take our lush, green gardens inside. And we are doing this in the most natural way. We are bringing our garden colours indoors, roots and earthy footprints and all. Shades such as light pink and matte grey-green create this feeling, together with natural raw materials such as terracotta and wood.

We yearn to live as one with nature, in a life of harmony, without stress. This autumn we step outside the boundaries of our garden, heading out into the wilder side of nature. Our inspiration comes from the dense forests, mountainous landscapes, and rugged cliffs by the sea. But first, we welcome spring and summer.

Which collection do you recommend this season?
Let our ‘Orchard Stories’ collection inspire you this spring – a collection based on the colour green. Lighter and darker greens can be mixed with matte, glossy or semi-transparent white surfaces and light-coloured wood. Another hot tip is ‘Frosting White’ mixed with ‘Pistacchio’ for a truly fresh feeling. For a more dramatic look mix ‘Tarragon’ and ‘Natural Clay’ – it is pure magic!

Elfa’s concept developers and trend specialists Maria Dizdarevic and Johanna Cahné (in the image to the left) have carefully selected the new panels for our sliding doors in Elfa Color Collections 2015/2016.