Reading is a nice way to relax and forget about the world for a while. Dedicate a beautiful space in your home for those precious moments, and you might feel inspired to take this time for yourself a little more often.

Choose the perfect spot

What part of your apartment or house relaxes you the most? Where would you be able to read for hours without being disturbed? And where would there be enough room for cozy seating? Pick a spot with good, calm energy where you’d love to spend a few hours.

Pick a seating that’s comfortable and inviting

A colorful and eclectic canapé with a lot of cozy cushions, or an old school armchair with a footrest – choose a seating that suits your taste and is adaptable to your needs. And if you like – put a little side table nearby where you can put your coffee cup and reading glasses.

Store your books close by

Let’s not forget about the most important thing – the books! Gather all of them on a nice book shelf close by your reading nook. That way you’ll never run out of something to read. Elfa offers simple and stylish wall-hanged solutions that display all your favorite books beautifully.

Decorate to make your space personal

When you have comfortable seating in place, it’s time to pay attention to the details. Pick cushions and a blanket in colors you enjoy. Add some nice wall art, quotes from your favorite books perhaps? And a carpet that’s soft to walk on. Some small decorative items set a personal touch to your space.

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