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Your bedroom is for rest and recharging, and making up your dreams. When this space is cluttered with things or simply unorganized, it’s hard to find your inner peace. A good storage system makes it easy to keep things neat and tidy and allows you to just relax. On this page you will find inspiration and tips and tricks in how to turn your bedroom into an organized paradise.

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How to create a calm and relaxing bedroom

A lot of us lead stressful and hectic lives, with a lot of things going on. Your home, and especially your bedroom, should be a quiet place that provides peace and relaxation after a long, […]

  • Closet in bedroom

How to organize your closet in 10 easy steps

Do you own a lot of clothes, yet feel like you have nothing to wear? That’s a sign that you need to organize your closet, declutter and only keep the clothes you actually wear.

  • spare room

Turn your spare room into a closet

Are you one of the lucky few to own a spare room? Most people would probably turn it into a guest room. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. But if you want a more […]

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Storage solutions for rooms with sloping ceiling

Sloping celings are common in many houses and can pose a challenge when it comes to furnishing. Elfa’s flexible storage solutions are suitable for any room, and can be adjusted to suit many different spaces, […]

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Maximize your storage space with sliding doors

Not only do they look great, but sliding doors also have several advantages compared to ordinary closet doors. Let’s look at a few of them!

Organizing your bedroom closet

Most people do not sleep well in cluttered and messy bedrooms. And bedrooms, in particular, often present a challenge when it comes to storage. We at Elfa want to help you! Feel free to use […]