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Create a cozy reading nook in your home

Reading is a nice way to relax and forget about the world for a while. Dedicate a beautiful space in your home for those precious moments, and you might feel inspired to take this time for yourself a little more often.

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8 creative ways to organize your books

First, make sure all your books fit neatly into your shelf. If not you can always add another shelf, or sort out books you don’t really want to keep before organizing the rest of them. When your collection is ready, you can start to organize them using one of the tips below.

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Ten storage tips for small space living

Compact living is all about making the most of each space in your apartment or house. Creating smarter storage solutions can help you get organized, even if your space is small.

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Organize even the smallest spaces with Elfa’s new shelves

  • Scenic sliding doors

Sliding doors inspired by nature

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New frame free collection

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Simply whites

White in all its glories. Modest tones inspired by nature.
A calm palette with a feeling of harmony and no frills.

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How to create a calm and relaxing bedroom

A lot of us lead stressful and hectic lives, with a lot of things going on. Your home, and especially your bedroom, should be a quiet place that provides peace and relaxation after a long, stressful day.

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How to organize your closet in 10 easy steps

Do you own a lot of clothes, yet feel like you have nothing to wear? That’s a sign that you need to organize your closet, declutter and only keep the clothes you actually wear.

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Your hallway, where everything has its place

Imagine if your hallway could fit all those outdoor clothes and shoes, as well as all your accessories. The Bracket Hooks keeps your don’t-want-to-loose keys in place, the Solid Melamine Shelf is excellent unloading place for your mail. The Shelf Basket is pefekt for hats and scarves, as you see right through it and can pick your favourite […]