First, make sure all your books fit neatly into your shelf. If not you can always add another shelf, or sort out books you don’t really want to keep before organizing the rest of them. When your collection is ready, you can start to organize them using one of the tips below.

  1. Genre. Place all your romantic books together, make a special corner for fantasy and so on. This is probably one of the easiest way to find the things you need.
  2. Alphabetical order. Create that bookstore-feeling at home by sorting your books by author’s first or last names or by book title.
  3. By cover color. Go all in rainbow color, or why not try to match your home décor with the color of the books? For the super DIY-crafty type, there’s also the option to cover all books in colored paper, making all the books look the same.
  4. Size of the book. Gather the largest books on one end of the book shelf, and the tiny ones on the other side to make a visual statement.
  5. Emotional reaction. How did the book make you feel? Happy? Sad? If you organize your books this way you will always know which book to recommend to your friend, depending on what they need right now in life.
  6. Spine poetry. Can your bookshelf tell a story? Try to fit in all your books, making a story of all the book titles.
  7. Chronological. If you love history books, this one’s for you! When does the story take place? Start with Ancient Greece, on to middle Ages, The Renaissance and so on.
  8. Autobiographical. Put the books in the order you discovered them. This will probably work best if this is how your mind works.